Patient Testimonials

I have had an amazing experience here. The staff is very kind and supportive. I always feel heard. 100% recommend!

Debra Madera

The Infinity Treatment Center was a very supportive environment for my ketamine treatment. Ashley in particular was absolutely superb. She knew the program very well and was very kind and efficient. I had a couple of rough spots and she handled each one with an incredible amount of compassion and personal care. I’m hoping that one day, she will become a certified professional. I would recommend the center, especially Ashley for patients suffering from depression. She was wonderful to me.

Jan Downing

Infinity offers relief from the debilitating symptoms that depression can have. The Spravato treatment itself is easy and I have found it to be surprisingly effective. The team is exceptionally caring and helpful. The atmosphere is safe and welcoming. I could not ask for more support than Ashley and Chelsea have shown.

Jenny S

I highly recommend the North Andover location of this practice. The staff are wonderful and go above and beyond to make the patient's experience pleasant and successful.

Deanna Lima

After years of trying everything to treat my depression and anxiety (multiple medications, therapy, exercise), it kept getting worse. It affected every aspect of my life. I tried Spravato kind of as a last resort. It was surprising how quickly I felt a load lift off my shoulders. Of course the patterns of thinking take longer to work out, but being able to feel a little hope is life changing. It has been over a year and the depression has never returned to that terrible low. The anxiety comes and goes, but it is more manageable especially if I keep ongoing treatments regularly. I like coming to the clinic, it's super laid back, scheduling is easy, and it's a quiet break from life. Knowing that Ashley and Chelsea remember me and ask what's going on every visit is like a little extra support to look forward to. My experiences have been positive and I recommend taking the extra step to find an integration coach outside of the treatments. I would highly recommend trying Spravato at Infinity for those who have tried it all and don't think there's a solution.



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Infinity Centers is a turn around for what is typically thought of as a behavioral health practice. No longer is depression considered as a scarlet letter; a stigma to those who suffer from it. Infinity Centers is an REMS – certified treatment clinic, providing a trustworthy experience for our customers, the patients who are going through the worst – Treatment Resistant Depression. Read More →

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