Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us

It’s a fact that an alarming number of people suffer from depression and it’s constantly on the rise. If you are suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression and have not been responding well to other anti-depressants, then Spravato might be the answer for you. Even though you might have come across many Spravato providers while searching for a Spravato clinic, its important to administer the esketamine nasal spray at an REMS certified clinic. At Infinity treatment Centers of America, we follow the standards of safety set by REMS (RISK EVALUATION AND MITIGATION STRATEGY) to ensure the highest standard of care.

It’s important that the patient is in a friendly atmosphere and feels comfortable while on the treatment. You will find it safe and secure at our wellness suites. Our caring wellness professionals will make sure that all your concerns have been taken care of. Apart from all these, we also help you with sorting out the Spravato insurance related processes.

About Infinity Centers

Infinity Centers is a turn around for what is typically thought of as a behavioral health practice. No longer is depression considered as a scarlet letter; a stigma to those who suffer from it. Infinity Centers is an REMS – certified treatment clinic, providing a trustworthy experience for our customers, the patients who are going through the worst – Treatment Resistant Depression. Read More →

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